Friday, June 25, 2010

St. Augustine

After we left Ft. Pulaski and the Savannah area and headed south down I-95 once again, we stopped to spend the night in St. Augustine, FL.  On Sunday, we attended a church in the area, and then we headed over to the historic area of town.  Did you know that St. Augustine is the considered the oldest city in the US?

It was very hot and humid which made things a little miserable especially for a little boy who hadn't had a nap.  We visited the living history museum in the Colonial Spanish Quarter, and I can't believe I didn't end up with very many photos of that.  It may have something to do with that grumpy boy mentioned above.

We got to see a leather worker, some gardens and outdoor cooking spaces, a blacksmith, a church scribe, and the Governor's house.  I thought it was interesting to compare what we learned with things we've learned about English colonial areas.  I'd love to go back some time when the weather is more enjoyable.

St. Augustine is really a beautiful place, and the historic district is very charming.  We didn't go inside of the Castillo de San Marcos because it's basically a Spanish fort, and we were all hot, sweaty, and hungry.  The historical district is a charming little place, but it's definitely become very commercialized and filled with lots of specialty shops.  So we decided to hit the road and grab some food at Zaxby's before heading on to Kissimmee.

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