Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunny Florida

Last week we were off having adventures along the way to Florida and in the Orlando area.  Justin tries to attend the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting if at all possible, and this year we decided to make it a family event.  Someone in Justin's parents' church was very generous to give us a week's stay so that we could all be together.

We had a wonderful trip down.  We took 3 days for the trip and we stopped at many places along the way.  We especially enjoyed visiting Fort Pulaski just outside of Savannah, GA.  Ft. Pulaski's main role (and it wasn't a particularly bloody one) was in the Civil War.  We were able to tour the restored structure, learn about the battle that was fought there, and even see the cannon be fired.

Even the moat has been restored, so we had to pass over the drawbridge to enter the structure.

The boys enjoyed exploring all the nooks and crannies and pretending to fire the cannons.

I think it would be a wonderful place to use as a backdrop for fun portraits.

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