Thursday, July 22, 2010

Choosing a Sunscreen or Sunblock

Under my Recommended Blogs tab up there at the top you'll  find links to some of my favorite blogs and the ones I find most useful for managing and running my home.  In that list you will find a link to Kitchen Stewardship where Katie Kimball offers encouragement and information to help others make decisions not only about how to do things in the kitchen, but about choosing safe products for their families.

I have found some of Katie's research invaluable, and I am so glad she has taken on the task of comparing and actually using a whole list of natural sunscreens to share her results with the rest of us.  I've done a lot of wondering about the pros and cons of various sunblocks and sunscreens, but I have to admit that I just haven't had time to sit down and research it all thoroughly enough.  Add to that the expense of some of the "better for you" brands, and you'll see why I haven't landed on one particular product.  Still, sunscreen is very necessary for us in the summer.

I am looking forward to sitting down and going through all of the information Katie has provided, and I think I'll finally be able to make a more confident choice.  I wanted to share her work with you all today because I know that I am probably not the only one with too many choices and too little time on my hands.

Katie also has some giveaways going on for some of the products she tested.  So head on over there, and you might just snag some great suncare products of your own for free!

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