Saturday, July 03, 2010


After several days on the road, we were glad to stay put in Orlando for most of the week.  The first few days were filled up with events for the Pastor's Conference and then the SBC annual meeting.  The boys handled the longest day like champs.  Jonathan collected candy from all the exhibit booths, and then he was content to draw and read on the Kindle through most of the debate and voting.  I was thrilled that Benjamin cooperated by taking a really long nap in his stroller.  he slept through the longest session of the whole convention.

We did have some time at the end of the week to have a bit of fun.  We decided quite a while ago that we didn't really want to do any of the parks when it was so hot and there would be so many other people there.  We did take the boys for a little shopping at the Downtown Disney area because they had some birthday money burning holes in their pockets.

Jonathan had a great time checking out the Lego store.  He was super excited to learn that he could fill up a little bin with all the wheels and steering wheel pieces that he could cram in.  Now he has the supplies to build a small convoy of Lego vehicles.

There were some pretty awesome Lego sculptures to see all around the store as well.  It looks like Jonathan found himself a Lego family, and there were dragons, Transformers, and even some Toy Story characters.

We had lunch at the T Rex Cafe, and the boys were amazed by all of the crazy prehistoric decor in that place.  There were dinosaurs everywhere, and every 20 minutes there is a "meteor shower."  It's definitely an experience.  And just so you know, if you ever go there you could easily share a meal with someone.  the prices seem outrageous until you see how much food they give you (in my opinion).

According to Justin, Jonathan's expression when he met the T Rex was totally genuine.  That still cracks me up!

Benjamin was able to build himself a new friend at the Build a Dino which is the same as Build a Bear only with all dinosaurs.  He chose a Stegasaurus, and his name is Steggy.  He gave his heart some lovin' and placed it inside, stepped on the fluff-blowing pedal, and gave him a bath.  Then we picked out a little T-shirt for him because every dinosaur needs a T-shirt.

Jonathan's favorite part of the whole trip was when he learned he could build his own lightsaber.  He's always wanted a double-sided lightsaber like the one on the wall at Applebees, and now he has one that is longer than I am tall.

We were also able to see the Arabian Nights show while we were there.  We just walked on over since it was across from the place where we were staying.  It was an interesting show with lots of fun horse riding and tricks.

All in all, we had a wonderful time on our trip.  It's always fun to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa, and the boys loved seeing and doing so many new things along the way.

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