Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stemming From the Sermon

This morning, as a part of his sermon, Justin pointed out the fact that Abraham (in Genesis 18:4-8) serves as an example for us to emulate when it comes to showing hospitality to others...especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.  As he discussed this, it brought to my mind a blog that I have been meaning to share for some time.
I often struggle in the midst of running our home with two little boys underfoot with being able to find ways to purposefully bring others into our home.  I have, however, been greatly encouraged in that endeavor by Sandy at the Reluctant Entertainer.  She also has a book out that I think would be very encouraging in a very unique way.

reluctant entertainer

We have made it a goal to use our home to bless others more in the coming year, and with Sandy's inspiration it definitely seems like a much more doable task.  I appreciate the reminders about how we do not have to project an image of perfection in order to invite people into our lives and take part in meaningful relationships.  Take a look at her site.  I promise you will be blessed!

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