Thursday, September 02, 2010

Garden Planning

I realize that it seems a little strange to begin talking about my garden at this point in the year.  Where we live, planting for fall gardens is generally coming to an end.  The season is pretty much gone, so it seems as if there isn't too much that you can do to begin gardening right now.

In a sense that is true, but I have to say that the biggest lesson I have learned this year is that planning is important.  I also remember reading tons of great articles about gardening along the way this year.  The one problem with many of them is that by the time I could get things prepared or gather all the supplies to implement the ideas, it would often be too late. 

Right now my garden is a testament to a late start and poor planning with it's peppers and tomatoes that are just now beginning to produce.  I am grateful for what it's produced this year, but I am also making a point to spend this time planning for next year.  Because I know that I'm probably not the only one in this situation, I have decided to share about my gardening experience this year as I also discuss my preparations for next year. 

Also, if you're interested in getting started with a garden next year, this series might be especially helpful as I share about the mistakes I made this year.

I'd love to hear about your garden.  Did you learn any lessons or make any mistakes that you plan to correct next year?

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