Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kid's Rooms

If you know me in real life then in a minute you'll probably be thinking, "Didn't you do that already?"  That's because I'm hoping to spend a big part of the day in our boys' room trying to make some sense of all the stuff that is in there.  I say that I'm going to do this a lot, and we actually did take every single thing out of the room one time except for the bed.  Then we put what we thought should stay back in bit by bit.

I have visions of what I would love for my children's room to look like. 

I totally realize that, for the most part, my visions aren't realistic.  But that doesn't stop me from dreaming.  And since my boys' possessions seem to be able to multiply spontaneously, it seems like I am on a never-ending quest to pare them down to a manageable level and get things in there organized. 

I don't really have any specific ideas about what I need to do in there or any bright ideas for new storage, so I plan to just jump in and start going through things.  I do need to work through their clothing to see what they have, and we'll be determining whether they really love some of the toys in there, as well.

I hope to have some success to share with you all soon.


  1. I've been day dreaming about nursery designs lately. Yes, we are trying to have another one! ;) I love the pics you are using for inspiration.

  2. i do this quite frequently myself...i am continually simplifying my house. i am almost a minimalist :)
    i told family and friends long ago not to buy my children another toy. its almost shameful how many they have. and because they have so many, they have trouble keeping their room clean. right now i think there are more toys in the attic than in their room. they cry if i say i'm going to give away or sell, but there is just too much stuff! so, i rotate it out every once in a while.

  3. Oh Jess, I'll be praying that you get to design a nursery very soon. There are so many cute ones out there to drool over right now!

    Leah, this is definitely going to be a whole-house process. How do we collect so much stuff? We are used to clearing things out every so often, but it hasn't happened quite as much as I would like lately. My parents joke that Jonathan doesn't want to leave because we might sell his stuff while he's away.


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