Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Staying on Track

If there is one area that I struggle more than any other it is in the area of staying focused and staying on track.  I am one of those people who secretly wishes they were a "type A" personality.  I just have so many things that I try to store in my brain, and I am so bad at multi-tasking.  I can end up following random thoughts around my house all day if I'm not careful.

I have come to realize that I feel best about the work I am able to accomplish and find it easier to follow through on tasks when I have a plan.  This is more difficult for me than it sounds because I also tend to have an "all or nothing" mentality.  I want perfection...or what's the use.

Because of this, I have been working throughout the last several months to come up with some simple schedules that help me to work effectively each day and to be content with what I am able to get done.  I can make sure my energy is focused on those tasks that are most important to our household.

As I continue to work through all of the details, I wanted to share some of my schedules and the documents that I have made in order to help me follow through.  I am sure that I can't be the only person who struggles with staying focused.

Probably the most important to the running of my home lately has been my daily planner page.  I did a lot of reading and searching online to see what everyone else was using, and I ended up modeling mine after the daily docket that is available over at Simple Mom, and I follow some of the same principles when filling mine in each day. 

I wanted something that was a little more tailored to my needs, so I changed it up some.  I then shifted mine on the page so that I could print them double sided with 2 on a page.  I cut the pages in half and bound them myself using my Bind It All, but they could also be bound at any office supply store.

Here is a sample of what a page from mine looks like.

In the version that I will be sharing, I have edited the items so that there are simply blank lines instead of actual tasks.  I thought this would give it the most flexibility.  I'll be going into more detail about how all of my lists work together soon, and I hope that you will find the planner pages helpful.

Daily Planner Page

Planner Pages- half page

Do you have a method that helps you to stay on track on a daily basis? 

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