Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Classical. Christian. Community.

I have shared some before about how our family does homeschool.  Not all of that information is up-to-date, but the backbone of our method is the same.  We have been totally in love with Classical Conversations since we began almost four years ago, and we continue to be thrilled with the program as we grow into it.

This year my husband and I are both tutoring in our local community.  I tutor a group of Journeymen filled with boys in the Foundations program, and Justin tutors our older Essentials students.  This is our fourth year with the Wilson community, but next year we will be leaving that "family" to begin a new one closer to home.  Our community doubled in size from last year to this year, so it is time to begin a new community in Rocky Mount.  This is exciting and a little sad at the same time.

This also means that I have been devoting a lot of time to CC since the beginning of the year because I will be directing Foundations and Essentials for the Rocky Mount community, and Justin is preparing to direct a Challenge A program for us.  We recently had our director business training, and I think our brains may have been numb at the end from attempting to stuff so much information in during such a short time.  I am thankful that both of us were there!

I wanted to mention all of this just to reinforce how much we love the program but also because this added to my decision to take a little break.  There were some details that I felt I just needed to get organized up front, and I felt like I needed to devote some chunks of time to working on some of those.  There will continue to be work that must be done, but I am hopeful that I can successfully set aside time for those things without getting too bogged down.

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