Friday, August 19, 2011

Anyone up for a twine Co-op?

** Update: I've had enough people commit to make this happen, and all the first round spaces are filled!  I am keeping a list to see if there is enough interest to make a 2nd round.**

Don't you just love all of the cute little bundles of twine from The Twinery?  Sometimes I daydream about all the cute things I would use them for.

Today I was daydreaming and browsing their shop, and I had the idea to host a co-op for some of their twine.  If you're not familiar with co-ops they are basically where one person will order products in bulk and then split them into smaller packages to save money for everyone involved.  So, here I am, offering to host a twine co-op (hopefully with a quick turn-around), and I first wanted to see if there was enough interest to make it happen.

Here are the details:

The ultimate twine package 
$12 (plus $3 shipping)

This package would include 15 yards each of all 14 of the colors sold by The Twinery.  That's a total of 210 yards of twine.  The cost would be $12 per package.  The regular price for this package is $25. Shipping will be $3 for the first package, and $1.50 for additional packages or $5.20 for Priority shipping for up to 4 packages.

And now, time for some inspiration!


  1. LOVE this idea! I sent you a message over at Two Peas...
    - April

  2. Yay! I got your message, April, and it looks like we'll have enough to make this a go. I already placed the order!

  3. I would like to get a spot. will send you a note to let you know as well.

  4. Jackie1:06 PM

    If this would be a go again I would love to join!


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