Monday, November 28, 2011

Looking for gift ideas for boys?

I remember looking through toy catalogs as a kid and circling items for my wish list.  My boys love to do the same thing although it seems to be a bit harder to find actual catalogs than it used to be.  I think the Vision Forum catalog is their favorite because it has so many cool toys, weapons, and Christian books that they haven't seen anywhere else.

This year they were circling zip lines, crossbows, and Lego compatible building sets.  I think the swords and shields in the photo were at the top of Benjamin's list--because you know we need another sword in our house.  If you are looking for gift ideas for an adventurous little boy in your life, then I think you can definitely find something on the Vision Forum web site.  They also have some pretty good sales going on right now.

If you're just feeling a little adventurous yourself, then you can head over to Smockity Frocks where Connie is hosting a Vision Forum giveaway!  Enter to win one of 3 gift certificates.

Updated:  There are several other blogs who are also offering this giveaway!  Head over to any of these and enter for more chances to win a Vision Forum gift certificate.

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Oh, and my boys' favorite catalog list also includes Lego and Target.

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