Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest Project: gallery wall

When I first discovered Pinterest about a year ago, I knew I was in love.  I am a visual person, and I am always thinking of a photo I saw somewhere...if only I could remember where.  Pinterest has given me a place to save all of those photos as I come across them.  I can add the links to the appropriate boards, so I can find the photos or details later when I am working on a project or looking for a tip.

I was in Target one day scoping out the clearance endcaps when I came across these front-loading frames for 75% off when I remembered a project I had seen before.  Thanks to Pinterest, I knew I could go home and easily find the inspiration photo!  I grabbed a bunch of the frames and took them home with me.  After paying for them of course.

We've been in our house 4 1/2 years, but I've been reluctant to hang much on the walls before I was really sure about things.  Our walls are plaster, so that makes hanging things and repairing the holes more difficult.  I have been thinking through what I like on each wall, and I have just recently begun completing some long-awaited projects.

Here is the pin that inspired this simple gallery wall project.

I liked the simple repetitive pattern of the smaller photos without frames, and that is why I knew the frames I found would be great for a project that focused on my photos. I started by cutting paper templates and marking the location of the hole in the frame.  Then I measured everything out and taped the papers to the wall with the help of a level.  I ended up moving things around several times to get an overall placement that I liked.  Then I began drilling holes and adding anchors and screws.

Once all the screws were placed I began to hang the frames and place the photos.  In the end, I think I can live with their imperfection and having to line them back up every once in a while.  It's amazing how much more finished a room can feel with a little something on the walls.  I have more plans to add to our living room walls, but I'm a major procrastinator taking it slowly to make sure I love the ideas before making a bunch of holes in the walls.

If you aren't on Pinterest and you enjoy keeping an "inspiration" file, then you should definitely check it out.  If you're already on Pinterest, have you completed a project inspired by something you saw there?

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