Friday, June 08, 2012

Living Intentionally

I don't know about you, but I find that if I am not careful, time flies by leaving some of my greatest hopes behind me in the dust.  This isn't such a big deal for little, insignificant things here and there, but I don't want to have a whole summer or even years pass without accomplishing some of the things I hold in my heart for my family.

I had a sad mommy moment recently realizing that my oldest is already half way out of our home.  I want to live so that we're "making the best use of the time because the days are evil." (Eph. 5:16)  I know that some of the silly things we like to do to fill the summer days don't mean much on their own, but added up they can be significant.  They signify time spent together as a family building bonds and deepening relationships, so we can share more important things later.  They offer time together to set examples and to simply listen to our children and model the gospel to them in small ways to prepare for bigger times to come.

Although, I have found that the days slip away unsiezed unless I take some time to intentionally plan them.  I love the collections of summer "bucket lists" that so many families are sharing online lately.  They offer tons of ideas for small things we can do to spend time together and make fun memories.

Meg at Whatever created such a pretty checklist on a chalk board for her children last summer.  They planned specific activities for each day of the week, and she has links to their lists from other years as well.

Keri at The Home Teacher made an actual "bucket" list for her children this summer using popsicle sticks, and she has a color coded list with I  lots of activity ideas in her post about how they are using the buckets this summer.

Lila at Sweet and Lovely Crafts has created a "Summer Fun" printable activity list to share.

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for fun summer activities in hopes of heading off those exclamations, "I'm bored!"

We haven't made a formal list of our own, but it's something I am definitely planning to do.  I think it will be helpful for my boys to have something visual, and they love to check things off!  Our schedule is filled with lost of fun things already.  In the midst of the summer planning, I'm thinking about fun ways to develop skills that will carry over into the new school year, and I though it would be a great time to share the updated version of my printable goal chart with you all.  (The free version of this form is no longer available.  A full-color version is available in my ad-on pack of printable forms.)  I'm updating some of my forms so that they all have a similar design.  This goal planning sheet isn't new, but it does have a new format and look.

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