Monday, June 04, 2012


It left as quickly as it came.

May always seems to go by way too fast, and this year it may have been the busiest yet.  My birthday is on the first, so it always begins the month on a happy note.  We met Justin's grandparents at Cracker Barrel for a little birthday celebration.  There's nothing like French toast for lunch!  We had a yard sale the first weekend that was a total flop, but I'm happy to have all that stuff out of our house.

Soon after, I had to was able to attend the Classical Conversations 3-day Parent Practicum in Clayton because I needed to attend Essentials tutor training.  I do actually enjoy going to a whole practicum on my own (with no children to keep up with), and I think this year's is the best I've seen.  It was a great mix of explaining some of the basics of what a classical education is, why we would want to teach our children this way, and what it might look like along with some challenging Latin work to help us develop a vision for the future.  One of the things that has helped me most in this homeschooling journey is swallowing the fact that my role is as much that of lead learner as it is teacher if not more so.

The next weekend, my grandmother passed away, so we traveled home for the visitation and funeral.  It was a quick and somewhat surreal trip.  We then turned right around and headed to the beach for an overnight visit to Kill Devil Hills.  We stopped at the Roanoke Island Island Festival Park on the way as an impromptu field trip.  We found it to be very interesting, and they really have a lot of activities for about the price of movie admission except children under 6 are free. (Don't forget the coupon for $1 off each ticket.)

All of my guys have some mad fashion skills!  Actually, we had originally planned to go straight out to the beach, so we were not really prepared to be walking around in public.

We returned on a Thursday to shower and change to see one of our church friends in a local high school production of Bye Bye Birdie.  Then the boys headed off on Friday for a camp out at Medoc Mountain State Park (Where there are, ironically, no mountains.) with the men and boys from our church.

The next week, we were off again to leave the boys with Nana and Papa so Justin and I could work at the annual conference organized by North Carolinians for Home Education.  We've attended this conference in the past, and we really enjoy the time set aside to learn, be together, and think about our hopes and goals for our children and their educations.  This year was a bit different since we were working with the organizers of the conference, and we were officially elected to the board as regional directors during the conference.  We look forward to the year ahead working with the other board members to support homeschooling in NC!

That brings us right on up to Memorial day and the rest of last week which was spent recovering from all the craziness and continuing decluttering projects that we began in April.  I'm glad to say that we made quite a bit of progress, and all of our new school materials have found their proper homes!  Now, our goal is to spend the time we're not traveling this summer in intentional ways and to develop good habits that will carry over into the new school year this fall.  I know Pinterest has given me more than enough to keep me busy for the summer.

Was May a crazy month at your house?  What goals do you have for the summer?

Oh, and my blog got a little makeover in the midst of all this.  What do you think?

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