Tuesday, August 28, 2012


2012-07-03 10.56.29Yesterday, that big yellow bus pulled up outside our house.  The bus stop is on our corner, so we always get to watch the kids climb through that narrow door in the mornings to take their seats on the bus.  I would be lying if I said there weren’t days when I have wished my children were in that line.

I know and love families who have made all sorts of educational choices for their children, and I don’t believe there is one right answer for everyone.  There are days when all I can see are the dishes produced from three meals at home, the messes made by a preschooler while I’m teaching his older brother, and my chores that pile up because I can’t get to them until our school work is done for the day.  Our house is rarely quiet, and “me” time is pretty much nonexistent.

Then the days come when I can see things as they really are.  My boys spend more time with each other than anyone else, and I pray that this will produce a strong relationship as they grow older.  I get to share the learning experience with my children and teach them how God is writing the world’s story.  Our schedule is flexible, and I can meet my children at their instructional levels.  The boys get to interact with their dad during the day when weeks come where every night is filled with obligations for him.  We get to live life together.

It’s then that I realize how our choice to homeschool is simply a trade-off, and our family is very blessed.

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