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Plan Your Life: Printable Planning Pages and Calendars

UPDATE:  Have you seen the updated 2014 planners?  Three different formats are available in the shop!

…and a freebie!

I hinted a few weeks ago about a project I have been working on.  It began as an effort to create some custom documents for myself, and it blossomed into a full line of digital products.  I’m excited to share my new Plan Your Life products!
Currently, I have two calendar planner options available and one add-on package.  My hope and intent is that I will be able to release new add-on packages as I am able to work on new designs and forms. 



Each printable planner pack includes:

- Two cover designs with a horizontal and vertical option for each (4 total)

- Perpetual Calendar for important dates

- 3-year calendar

- 52+ weekly planning pages in EITHER a horizontal or vertical format

- 12+ monthly calendar pages

- Grid Page for additional planning or notes

Click here to download one of these instantly for $8!
The 2014 version is available here!


The Set 1 Add-On Pack includes:

- half-page Chore Charts in two colors (labeled and unlabeled versions)

- Running Task Sheet

- Favorite Dinners page

- Family Clothing Information page

- Two-Week Meal Plan

- Weekly Meal Plan

- Goal Planning worksheet

- Babysitter information page

- Weekly Cleaning Schedule (filled-in and blank versions)

- Daily Planner page (colored and white background versions)

Click here to download this set instantly for $8!
This pack is now available here!

All of these sets come as downloadable PDF files that allow you to print as many or as few pages as you would like.  I wanted to share a little peek of how I am using my Plan Your Life pages.


I had all of my planner pages printed with a full bleed by a professional printer.  (If you print them at home, they will likely have a small white border around each page, but nothing will get cut off.)  Then I arranged the pages along with a file folder that I cut up for a divider.  I had the covers printed onto card stock, and I laminated them myself before taking the whole packet to be bound at Office Depot.  I’m interested in seeing how this holds up.  You could choose to get a clear cover and hard backing when you have it bound if you like.  I had the 3-year calendar printed on the back of my front cover.

3 year calendar


I put all of my monthly pages at the front, and used the file folder as a divider.  I just printed them single-sided.


I chose the horizontal format for my weekly pages, and I had them printed on one side with the grid page on the back of each one.  You could choose to print them double-sided or leave the backs blank.  The vertical version has space to write in morning, afternoon, and evening across the top, or you could put names and keep notes separate.  You could label them with home, work, etc. or with family member’s names. 

weekly page

I wanted to have my calendar bound for convenience, but I have chosen to print my add-on pages as I need them and place them in a binder.  The vertical covers will work to slide into the front of a binder, and you can hole-punch the forms or place them in page protectors.

Here are a couple of the other pages from the Add-On Set 1 package:

babysitter daily planner favorite dinners

cleaning schedule goal worksheet color

clothing info weekly meal plan

And finally, here is a free shopping list that coordinates with the Plan Your Life packs!


This is considered a 2013 calendar, but I have included pages for the remaining months and weeks of 2012 for those of you who purchase early! 

I’ll continue working on additional add-on packs.  Are there any forms you would like to see in the next set?

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  1. This is great! I'm going to ask Mike for this for Christmas!

  2. Kit Schroeder12:41 PM

    Love this, will 2014 be available soon?

    1. Hi Kit! I'm glad you like it. I am in the process of working on a 2014 edition and some new designs as well as switching over to an etsy shop. I hope to be able to begin rolling items out in the next week or so.

  3. I have been using your grocery list for years and just found the day planner! Is it available for 2016 and 2017?


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