Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Assignments

My 9-year-old is lamenting the fact that he isn't on Christmas break yet.  We are having a bit of a lighter week this week, and I'm taking the opportunity to work on some semester "projects."  I'm pumping him up and making them seem like a big deal in hope of heightening the sense of accomplishment he might (I can only hope.) feel when we make it through this last December school week.

I'm also hoping to knock a big chunk out of a time line notebook project I've been wanting to start with the boys this year.  I think it will be a fun visual way to organize all the history we're learning throughout Jonathan's last trip through all of our Classical Conversations cycles.

Now I just have to update my resource list because I'm losing track of which books Jonathan's read.  This time of year is always a struggle for us because my boys forget that they get a special break after Christmas.

If you homeschool, are you still going strong?  How do you make it through December without too much grumbling?

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