Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid-Year Slump

For many reasons, this time of year has always been the hardest for me when it comes to homeschooling.  I fall into a mid-year slump where I despair over the things that seem to be going wrong, and it's harder to see all the things that actually are going well.  It's hard to recover from the holiday break, and my family is in the midst of a lot of big obligations.  The plates are all spinning, and I focus so much attention on the big ones that I'm sure some of the smaller ones will come crashing down any moment.

I get discouraged.

I get tired.

I look longingly at that yellow bust stopped outside my house for a few seconds.

Then I remember all the reasons we're doing this, and I take one more step forward.  This year that may mean letting go of some things that aren't adding so much to our homeschool.  It may mean pulling back a bit on some others.  I'm always reminding myself to focus on the basics.  If we can really get those, then the rest will come naturally.

I've been an admirer of Charlotte Mason since I discovered her work on educational philosophy.  I would most describe our homeschool as a blend of Classical and Charlotte Mason for the elementary years.

She gives me freedom.

So I was excited to find this book on a recent trip to the used bookstore.  I've almost bought it before, but I couldn't pass up a used copy.  Plus, it found me at just the right time.  I think with my feet planted firmly on solid rock and few good books, I should be able to make it through the mid- year slump once again.

We've logged just over 100 days this school year, and Charlotte will encourage me through the rest--remind me why these long days are so important and that I shouldn't hold some things too tightly.

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