Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Ever Pencil Sharpener

Over the summer my kiddos managed to kill the electric pencil sharpener we were using, so I set out on the search for a long term answer to our pencil-sharpening needs. I like electric sharpeners, but they tend to be a magnet for little hands to stick things into. Those same little hands have no concept of when enough is enough, and we end up with lots of nubs. You also have to keep the ones that plug in near an electrical outlet, and there are so few of those to go around at our house.

I was determined to find a great sharpener at a fair price. I'm willing to put some extra dollars into items like this that will be well-used and last a long time.

In the midst of my search my friend, Melissa, reminded me that she has a pencil sharpener that she's loved for a while. She's a homeschooling mom of 6, so they go through a lot of pencils at her house! I decided to look into this sharpener that she loved so much, and the people at Classroom Friendly Supplies were kind enough to send me a green one to try out. These things come in the coolest colors!

I got this sharpener back in September, and we've been using it ever since. I fell in love with the way it holds the pencil for you as you sharpen it. It also gets really "loose" when the pencil is sharp to let you know when to stop. They have videos on the web site if you need a little extra help to figure out how it all works. It isn't hard, but it is different. The videos came in super handy when a lead tip broke off and was stuck inside. I was able to quickly learn how to get it out and get back to sharpening.

This pencil sharpener would be great for an office, classroom, and definitely a home with a lot of pencils to be sharpened. It's easy enough that my four-year-old can use it. It's durable. It's portable. It's affordable at $24.99 (with discounts if you buy more), and it does an awesome job of getting those pencil tips pointy.

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I did receive a free pencil sharpener in exchange for this review, however, the opinions expressed in this review are completely mine.  I'd buy another one of these pencil sharpeners in a heartbeat!


  1. The Japanese kids I taught English when I was over there had pencil sharpeners like this. They take me back! They do work very well. I'm glad you're enjoying it. They also liked to put non-pencil objects in there and try it.

  2. It sounds crazy but I have been researching pencil sharpeners since Sept. So not to disappoint.


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