Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bill Payment Log

UPDATE:  This form is no longer available for free, but you can find it as a part of this set available in my shop.

Today's download is a part of my Plan Your Budget pack that's available in my shop.  This bill payment log is an easy way for you to record all of your recurring bills that are paid monthly and the day of the month they are due.  Then you can check off each month when they have been paid.  This gives you a way to easily and quickly see what has been paid for the month and what needs to be paid.  In our house, almost all of our bills are on automatic draft, so I use the page to keep up with what has come out of our account and what still needs to come out.  This helps me to spot any issues with amounts or things not being withdrawn properly as well as keeping tabs on how we are measuring up next to our budget as we move throughout the month.

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