Friday, October 25, 2013

Categorized "To Do" List

These days I find it a challenge to keep up with all the little tasks that I need to accomplish especially when it's something that I need to remember to do later, at a more convenient time.  Because I've been facing this mental challenge, I came up with this little "to do" list that I added to my weekly planner (that I must share with you all very soon).

I keep this page in my notebook right with my weekly plan.  Whenever a task pops into my head, I can write it under the proper category, and it's safe for later.  This way, I can be more efficient by answering and writing all of my emails at one time, completing all of my home tasks in one chunk of time, and remembering all of my errands while I'm already out of the house.  Otherwise, I tend to be pulled from one type of task to another by all the little things that pop into my head throughout the day.  You know how one thought leads to another...

This PDF includes a full page version as well as a half-page version with two on a page. Click the image below to download the file.

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  1. Thanks for this Printable! It's just what I was looking for!


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