Monday, January 25, 2016

New Years and Fresh Beginnings

I've always love the way that a new year seems to hold so much possibility.  With a little rest over the holidays, I can usually spend some time planning for new routines and setting goals.  It feels great to go into a new year prepared and refreshed.  It's kind of like having a fresh beginning and a blank slate at the start of each new year.

My hopes are raised with the countdown to midnight, but all too often it dwindles as we sink back into mundane days filled with never-ending chores and too little daylight.  This year, for some reason, I've been especially prone to dreaming of a sunny beach.  January has been a bit nutso at our house largely due to an unfortunate loss of all of my files from the last two years.  Their loss was only made more bitter as I've kicked myself for not being more organized and on the ball with backing things up. It's been a real exercise in thinking positive thoughts, remembering who is ultimately in control of all things, and reminding myself that there really more important things in life than a bunch of files.

It's also been nice to be distracted by getting myself more organized.  I've been on a mission to use tech tools more in my organizational routines.  In the past I've been mostly paralyzed by the thought of setting it all up--or even deciding how to set it all up.  Look for a book review in the near future where I'll share what's working wonderfully for me right now.  I'll never fully forsake pencil and paper, but it's nice to have a quick way to collect all my random thoughts and tasks in one place. Would you like to join me in planning intentionally this year?

With the new year before me, I always like to have a calendar to make my goals, hopes, and ideas a bit more visual.  I whipped up a simple one that I wanted to share.  I hope your new year has been off to a great start, and I look forward to sharing more printables with you all throughout 2016!

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