David's Story

David is our second son.  He was born full term on February 19, 2007, and he was only with us in this life for a few short hours.  Here, I have collected the posts that were written in the days before and after his birth  I want to share his story with the world so that everyone can see how this precious little boy changed our lives.

We Have Someone for You to Meet

A Little Insight

The Countdown

Almost There

Saying Goodbye

David's Photo Announcement

Reflections on an Open Wound

Why do simple things turn out to be so hard sometimes?

Happy Birthday David

David's Birth

David had many congenital issues, but the most immediate danger to his health and life was a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (or CDH).  A diaphragmatic hernia doesn't seem like such a huge deal if it occurs once you are out of the womb.  When it occurs congenitally, however, a baby's organs are displaced into his chest cavity.  This prevents the development of the lungs because they don't have space to expand.  The degree of lung development is a huge factor in whether these babies survive or not.

There are so many families affected by this defect throughout the world, yet it is not familiar to most people.  If you'd like to learn more about CDH, help raise awareness of this congenital defect, or reach out to families affected by CDH you can check out some of these sites.